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Monday, February 22, 2010

Targeting Users At Wrong #Advertising Medium? - The Online

Which is the easy, cost effective, high ROI and measurable advertising medium?

Obviously, the "Online" medium!

But the recent online activities show that the future of online advertising will be very tough!

Here is a little proof:

Note: As per the W3Schools browsers usage stats, Firefox, IE and Chrome are the top three browsers.

To show ads we need browsers capable of displaying ads. But what if the users say no to ads, then what will be next step to show ads? And how the user says "NO"!

Here is how?

What do you think the most popular browser extension/add-on for Google Chrome and Firefox?

The Ad Blocker!

Firefox Popular Add-on
Image: Firefox Popular Add-on

Google Chrome – Popular Extension
Image: Google Chrome – Popular Extension

Millions of internet users say "NO" to ads, if this is the case then how you are planning to deliver your ads to online users using one of the above mentioned popular browsers?

This question kills so many advertisers, isn't?

So what is the possible solution?

Hint: Stop bugging like "Sales Representatives", understand user requirements and deliver ads accordingly! Or the online medium will not be an easy place to advertise.

I know this may not be the actual solution! But trying to find a perfect one...

Share your thoughts too!

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