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Matt Cutts

Saturday, June 12, 2010

#Tweeting Best Practice?

Do you tweet? If so, I have explained two ways of posting updates to your public time-line. Which one do you recommend?

Option 1: Tweeting Everything at a Time

Option 2: Tweeting Evenly Throughout the Day

Each option has its own benefits and drawbacks.

Option 1: Tweeting Everything in a Time

Tweeting Everything at a Time
Open (or any other twitter client) once in a day, and dump all your ideas/items which you want to share into the time-line with multiple updates and shut it down.

Benefit: Your updates will be clearly visible to all of your followers and noticeable.

Drawback: It’s a kind of hacking into others time-line (i.e. your followers), unless if you are not a very big personality you may lose your followers as some of them can’t tolerate such dump.

Option 2: Tweeting Evenly Throughout the Day

Tweeting Evenly Throughout the Day
The other option is constantly accessing twitter and updating the timeline with information throughout the day evenly, instead of dumping everything at a time.

Benefit: Your followers will get real-time updates and a clutter free timeline

Drawback: If your follower is not using any of the twitter clients and not managing his timeline, then there are more chances of missing some of your interesting (instead, useful) updates.

So what is your opinion? Vote for your favorite and recommended way of tweeting.

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