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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Google Chatback - Chat With Me Now!

I have added the Google's chatback badge to my blog. You can chat with me whenever my status is "Available".

How it works?

Someone clicks the chatback badge.




You will get a alert in your Gtalk, after you accept the chat, you will get the following alert in your browser,




After you click "Launch Chat", you will get the below window,




On the same time, the guest (visitor) will have the below window,




In the above window you can see the last line "Pratheep is typing..."

This is cool! but the chat is not as fast as the regular Gtalk. I believe that Google will enhance this service soon with some cool features.

Still waiting? Create your own chatback badge and Start chatting with your visitors!

No need to fill anything, just sign-in with your google account here, copy the code, past and start using the chat facility.

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Google Alerts - Spammers Attack

Recently I got a Google alert as shown in the below screen shot. If you carefully watch the screenshot, it is different from the regular alert. Compare with the 2nd image (it is the screenshot of a regular Google alert).

google alert issue








Regular Google alert:

google alert

The similar issue was discussed in this blog before one year.

I suspect that it is a spam email because,

  1. It is not in regular format of Google alert
  2. This alert is no where related to the alert’s topic
  3. Different language other than English

Does anyone have similar email? If so please add your comments with screenshots.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Google Update and Other Interesting Stuffs

Let me start with the recent Google update:

#1 Google Toolbar 5 Beta for IE

Download and install the all new Google toolbar for IE. Check this video explaining some of the important stuffs.

Download the new toolbar for IE at:

#2: Gmail New Version with 37 Languages

Gmail is coming up with more cool features like,

Bookmarking individual emails

37 languages

Enhanced contact manger

Cool emotions

And many more...

Wait for it @

#3: Google Reader Shortcut

I know most of the webmaster use Google reader to update themselves through many websites. But most of them don’t know that there are many shortcuts to use the Google reader effectively through the keyboard. If you are a expert in using computers, they you will not prefer to use mouse for most of the time, so why are you waiting for, just open your Google reader and type “?” without quotes. You will get the complete list of shortcuts for Google reader. Type “?” and learn more!

#4: Google Apps for Team

What is this? Google Apps is already used by many small enterprises! So what’s new in it?

The answer is: to use Google Apps (regular version), you need to verify that you are the webmaster/owner for the website for which you are configuring. But Google apps for team is different, here you no need to verify your website, instead you verify your corporate email address and add your corporate friends, then you can use all the services like, Google docs, calendar and other cool stuffs including GTalk. Don’t wait, just login and sign-up. To use the Gmail service, you need to change the mx-record in the server.

#5: Google Local News

This is a perfect update. Throw the hardcopies, go with softcopies. If you want to know news about your local area, just type your City, Sate or Zip code. It is beautifully working for my local place. Try yours. The news updates are very frequent and for that reason you the very recent news.

#6: Google and Nokia

Search engine giant and Mobile giant have joined their hands! This is really interesting and trouble for their competitors in both the search engine and mobile industry. Nokia has announced that in all the new product releases, Google search will be integrated. So Nokia mobile user can now enjoy the benefits from Google. In the other end, yahoo and t-mobiles have teamed up and decided to release mobiles with yahoo search enabled by default.

So, competition is picking up, let’s wait for the result!

I have a doubt, Android is on the way to market, this will massively affect Nokia market. But this partnership is going to work? Any comments!

#7: Google Local Search Update

Previously when you search for any local place in Google like “hotels in London”, you will get 3 local results on the top of the page, but now they displaying 10 results with a map image marking all the locations. This is really cool! Take a look at it now:

#8: Google Logo

Last but not least, as usual, Google has released their logo for Valentine’s Day, check out this cool stuff.

Valentine’s Day

Also, Google has posted a competition. Check it out here:

Other interesting updates:

#1: Link Diagnosis Tool

Check this cool new tool which works perfectly in Firefox browser and partially work in other browser. You can extract a huge report on the linking structure of your website with other useful information.

Before you start, download and install the Firefox plug-in.

Try it now!

#2: Google Crawling Tool

Do Google crawl your website frequently? Do you want to monitor it? Check this tool and get more benefit out of it. You can even put the crawling graph in your website to showcase it your visitors.

Enter your URL and start monitoring.

#3: CSS Update

This is something cool, but not SEO related.

Check this website; you can actually hide an image behind text. I tried and it is working fine. Playing with CSS3. Works only with Firefox and Safari web browsers!

#4: The Future of Mobile

Check this, stuff!

See-through, Click-Find, and know more!

This will be our future mantra. So confused? Check this, you will understand.

#5: Image Matching Search Engine - Lincoln

The search engines which we have right-now will search for text that we type in the text box. Have you ever wondered about a search engine where it can get an image as an input and display results (both image and website) related to that image. I thought about it and now it is live.

Microsoft is testing their beta version of the search engine. Check it. It will work only in IE6+

#6: Google Android Pictures

Checkout some pictures of Google android.

This is not yet released; it is still in testing phase.

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