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Matt Cutts

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Google Tracking SiteLinks, Why?

For those who don’t know about sitelinks please read about it here and here!

Others, please continue below,

Do you have SiteLinks for your website? If so please take a look at each and every link. The links are not directly linked to the inner pages of the website like regular search result instead it is redirected through Take a look at the below screen-shot and the mouse pointer tooltip

This shows Google is tracking the SiteLinks. But, WHY?

I have two possible answers for my question,

1. If future Google may enhance the SiteLinks section (Webmaster Tool) through which you can add/remove from a list of pre-selected links (inner pages) based upon their CLICK (traffic) activity.


2. Google may require the statistics to know about their SiteLinks experiment.

Do you have any other answer/opinion? If so, please add your comment!

Have you noticed Google doesn’t have SiteLinks but, why? Any clue? ;)


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