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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Webmaster Tool Update

Google has updated the webmaster tool. Please take a look at the below screen-shot,


Under "Diagnostics" menu, they have added a new sub-menu, "Content Analysis". In this section they track all the issues in the website related to title, meta tags and non-indexable content.

The tool helps to do a proper on-page optimization for the websites. It analyses title and meta tags and generate a report for all repeated, short and missing tags. Also, it analysis the website content and display the reason for non-indexable content. Using these reports we can fix the SEO tags and content for the website.

Sing-in to get the benefits from Google Webmaster Tool. Still the developers were working on this tool and they will add more cool stuff in the coming year, 2008. Check the webmaster tool frequently to get the update.

Also there is an update in Google Analytics (this is again a free tool from Google where you can measure your website’s traffic for free). Now, we can compare results which will be displayed as a graph. For example, you can compare "Page Views" with "Traffic (Visits)" and generate a graph to analysis it. Login to get the updates! Note: This is still in beta testing mode and will be live very soon.

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