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Matt Cutts

Sunday, April 26, 2009

GMail, Move to Label, Now Working Like Email Folders

Continuing my previous post "How to Create Folders in GMail", I just want to say, "Labels in GMail is now working exactly like folders in Email Client".

In GMail Web interface, now moving emails to a particular folder (i.e. GMail Label) is that easy.

Just open the email or select multiple emails then from the drop-down "Move To", select the folder (GMail Label) to which you want to move the email(s). The following action will be performed sequentially,

- Selected Email(s) will be applied with the corresponding label and
- Archived

Easy? try it now. go to: GMail

Tip: To select multiple emails in GMail Web, hold Shift key while selecting. You can select multiple groups too.

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