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Monday, March 12, 2007

Writely - A Research with Google

Have you heard about Many of them are not aware of this website. I came to know about this website very recently, so I thought of wiring about it. But while gathering information for this posting, I found some interesting things that I wanted to share with you all.

What is Writely is the previous version of "Google Docs". It is the word processor which can be accessed through a web browser. As per the story described here and here, Google purchased and renamed it as "Google Docs and Spread Sheet" by adding many more useful and important features. The complete history can be obtained from Wiki.

The above is the usual story and it happens everywhere. But now comes my research part,

Why 302 Redirection?

Every webmaster knows that 301 "permanent redirection" will help in search engine ranking and indexing, but why Google is not following this procedure? I was wonder after checking the status of; it is showing a 302 redirect to Why this is so? Anyone please help!

After seeing the 302 redirect, I just check the site: query for Now take a look at the below image, still have 600 pages in Google's index, but the surprising thing is there is no "Cached" link for each URL in the list. How come this is possible? Anyone please answer!

More about Writely

You can get more information about from Wikipedia and the story is very interesting, take a look at them. Some of Writely's blog postings can be found here.

Want share something about Writely, leave a comment!


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