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Matt Cutts

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Google LINKS Update in Site Map Tool

What's next in Google?

Recently Google has started to update many things in their algorithm, infrastructure and many other items. As
Matt said in his blog, regular updates are happening in Google. The previous year 2006, is little bit dull in Google update, but this year 2007, they have started with PR update and many other update like,

Google Reader Update
Google Personalized Home Page New Feeds Update
Google Mini Update
Google Notepad Update
Google Earth Update, many more...
and currently, the
Google Webmaster tool (also called sitemap tool) Update.

What's New in Sitemap Tool?

The regular user of sitemap tool will notice a new tag in the top navigation menu. That's right the 3rd tab "Links", refer the below image.

Here you can see all the
internal and external links to that website. Check on the external links column and find external listings for the website.


I did some query search in Google and compared it with the Google webmaster link tool. It gave me different results. I am really confused! Only Google can answer my question.

The question is…

I did a search in Google with link: query and I got 5 back-links for my website and if I check the link tab in Google webmaster tool, I can see more than 300 links for my website. Why this deviation?

I think Google will soon give an answer for this question :)

Anyway this is a nice update for all of them who were using Google webmaster tool.
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At 10:51 PM, Blogger Harini said...

Hi Matt,

Really a good update and nice research.


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