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Matt Cutts

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Google January 2007 Infrastructure Update - An Overview

Ohh... what an update from Google!

I went through many SEO forums / articles, and everywhere they are more concerned about the new
Google 2007 infrastructure update that is happening right now. I don’t think that, it is just a PageRank update, it is more than that. Here are the few points that I wanted to share with you regarding the new Google update. Most of the points are gathered from Matt's blog and I have also given my view on each of the issue discussed below!

Before I go into the actual thing, I wanted to share with you some of the useful tool to check your PR in many Google Data Center at a time. You can get from my previous posting (I don’t give you trouble in searching my blog, just
click here to go to my previous posting :-).

Google Infrastructure Update 2007:

1. PageRank Update

It is not the actual PageRank update, we should call it as the "PageRank Export", because, the update happening here is just the EXPORT of the PR values from the Google database to the Google toolbar (for all the data centers). Still you will find many datacenters showing the old and incorrect PR and you no need to worry about it, as some of the datacenters were not updated with the new infrastructure update.

2. Ranking and Traffic

This update is very clear that, it will not affect the "rankings" and "traffic" of the website. As I told you in the previous point, it is just the export of PageRank values. So webmasters just relax and try to concentrate on all you legal SEO activities to improve your website's rankings. But try to follow the
webmaster guidelines in promoting the website in search engine (Google).

3. Update in "link:" query

To be clear, this query will show only SOME of the back-links that a website has. Even though Google indexes all the quality back-links added to a website, the link: query will show only some of them; so, do not panic by seeing your number of back-links in Google. In the 2007 infrastructure update, Google has updated the link: query and you can see the changes for your website.

4. Update in "site:" query

Many webmasters complain that most of their website pages are in supplemental result. Do not afraid of supplemental result, as it is not a penalty for your website. Supplemental will be given less preference by the Google search engine than the normal pages. But in the 2007 infrastructure update, Google has started considering the supplemental pages also. So you may get some of your supplemental pages in Google rankings and thereby getting some traffic through it. The best way to get out of supplemental result is to add more quality back-links and put unique SEO tags for each and every page in the website.

5. "Search the web" Update (a bug removed)

If some one put a search query "" in UK search engine and searching for the entire web, he will get the home page listed in the SERP. But if you do the same search only for "pages from UK" then you will not see the home page in the SERP. It was already fixed in December, but it is happening now again and now it was completely fixed in this new 2007 infrastructure update.

Google is taking care in providing the apt result to by doing all kind of updates like this. Many update will come in the coming months. Soon we will get a ranking update... wait for it!
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At 12:35 AM, Blogger Harini said...

Hi Matt,

Really Useful tips along with your comments :)

At 1:15 AM, Blogger Matt said...

Thank you :)


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