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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Google Friends News Letter

I wanted to share some of the interesting and latest topic from the Google Friends news letter. I am getting this letter frequently from a team where they workout all the new happenings in Google and send it to the subscribed e-mail ids.

Here are the lists of updates,

Google Earth Update:

KLM and XML search in Google earth. What is KLM and XML files mean in Google earth? These are the files through which people can submit their overlays to enhance the imaginary earth view.

Gmail – Open to all:

WOW! This is a great update. Non-Gmail users, go ahead and give a try for the Gmail. I believe this is one of the Ads free (less ads) when comparing to other e-mail providers. Also, the ads appearing will not disturb or interrupt us in anyway.

Please note; there is a rumor saying that "Google is reading our e-mail". This is not happening at-all.

Orkut Update:

Now! Share and enjoy video links through Google's Orkut. Hereafter no need to send emails to a list of contacts about your online video, just add the video it to your Orkut and your friends can view it through your profile.

Windows Google Map:

You can now use Google map in your windows mobile also. And now Google maps for mobile is available for more than 300 models, so download your application now and get traffic details and other benefits from Google maps.
Now, point your windows browser to:

Google Image Search Update (not from Friends letter):

Google has reverted to their old format of image search. No mouse-over information, only image display with their information.
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