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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Google Groups - Out of Beta is now!!!

Google has officially announced the
removal of Beta from the Google Groups. Try Google Groups and get more out of it. To help you on this, I have briefed on all the features that was available in Google Groups, please take a look!

1. Search / Browse

Search in the groups for your required information and you can find everything you need with the latest information about the topic you search for.

2. Create a Group

If you are not satisfied with the results, then don’t worry, go ahead and create a group for your self and invite all of your friends to it. All you need to have is a "Google Account". Don’t have a Google account, get it from

3. Join a Group

If you find a useful group, join the group with a click or two. Else send a request to the group administrator to add you as their group member.

4. Discuss at Your Ease

Just add a comment or put a question in any discussion thread. You can also answer their question if you know it. The main feature is, if you don’t want to enter the discussion board, just do the conversation through your Gmail. This is really cool!

5. Webpage and Knowledge Base

Create your own webpage inside your group and publish it. You can also create your knowledge base which you can use if for your future reference.

6. Customize Your Group

Give a new look and feel to your group, put a picture, color and add more graphics. This new option will help you to make a distinct group from others.

7. Share Files

Now you can upload a file and share it with your group members. Hereafter no need to worry about sending multiple files to your friends, upload as much you want and share it with your group members.

8. Personalize Profile

Create your profile with graphics and share it with all. You can also find other members though this and share your thoughts to them.

Hope this small tour will help you to get it touch with Google groups.

Join! Have Fun!! And of-course more Information!!!


To my surprise Google has made a 302 temporary redirect from their beta version to the new version of Groups. Why it is so? a 302 temporary redirect pointing to

Don't know why! Only
Google knows!
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