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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Google Bombing Eliminated – Update

It took me some time to publish the next post in my blog as my work load went over :(

For many of them this information will be little bit old, but I wanted to post an article about this on my blog as it is one of the hottest topics from our great Google!

Yes, you are correct! It is all about
Google Bombing!!

What is Google Bombing?

To know about this, I want to share some history of Google and its search engine ranking algorithm.

Previously, Google ranked the websites, by considering the keyword popularity and density. Later they modified their infrastructure and started giving importance to the inbound links and their anchor text. At that time, many webmasters came to know about this Google internal ranking algorithm and started to hack Google. They started to build enormous numbers of back-links (with their targeted keyword as anchor text) to a website / webpage to increase its rankings and all of them got succeeded in their trial.

This is how the Google Bombing started by adding back-links to a website or webpage to increase this popularity in Google. The interesting case was the keyword "failure", for which George Bush White House page will come on top in Google SERP.

So, what happened now?

Google recently updated their ranking algorithm to eliminate this bug (Google Bombing). But it was not actually a bug, but it was made as a bug by the spammers.

So, spammers, you can't go with this technique anymore, try to hack Google again, but you can't succeed.

Great update from Google and hereafter only organic link building will help in ranking the website, forget about Google Bombing!


This algorithm update won't reflect in all the datacenters, it will take some time to synchronize in all the datacenters.
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