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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Good Docs with Google Presentation

The hottest news as of today is the release of Google’s Presentation. It was said sometime before that Google will get all the office products online and it is true, it is happening now. Those who use Google Docs and Spread Sheet please login to your account and check for this wonderful update now. Don’t worry even if you don’t have a login, just sign-up here.

Now you have all of your big office application online, no need to carry any CD or other material with you when you go for a presentation, also it is not required that you need to arrange for a meeting to show your presentation. Do you think how? Very simple, just create a presentation in Google docs and add members to that presentation and just show them slide-by-slide and explain what you are trying to say.

So what are the other benefits...?

Instead of my answer for this question, just take a look at the below video from Google,

All the 3 major office products are online, I can’t guess what would be Google next product? Any idea? Fingers crossed, and waiting for Google to reply...

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