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Matt Cutts

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Google Analytics Update

Google has started to update Google Analytics (a free online tool from Google to measure the website traffic for free). As a beginning, they did changes in look of the report displayed and now they have started to tweak all the inner report modules.

They have stared with the "Map Overlay". Previously in the first step, they show only the main continents and after when you zoom into the places, you can get the exact count from each place. Now in the very first step of "Map Overlay", they have added most of the big cities and countries. Just mouse-over it and you can get the exact traffic details from that place (state/country/continent).

Take a look at the below image,


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At 11:46 PM, Blogger van said...


Dont think that I have diverted the topic, just a doubt

Can you explain why the supplemetal index label has been removed and also what is the result of just removing the label

At 9:03 AM, Blogger Matt said...


A good reason from Google to remove this label is to stop spamming Google. Because once we had this label and everyone started to promote their supplemental pages by doing all the organic and black-hat seo. So to avoid this we have removed it, but be sure that there is a hidden label from Google that will mark your pages to supplemental and it will be added to sandbox also. the simple way to keep out of it is, make your content unique :)


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