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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Travel Across the World for Free with Google

Is the title of the posting seems stupid? If so please check the new feature that was added Google Maps, after that you will understand the meaning in the title.

Yes this is true, using the new feature in Google Maps (the Street View) you can just travel through the streets virtually and can see real peoples, shops, streets and many moreā€¦

Take a look, I am standing in US, (I am excited!!!)

1130 NW 36th St

Hope this feature will be implemented for all the places in world and you can always use this feature to see the place where you have planned to go before you actually go.

Google is doing such amazing things and I like this particular update very much. A BIG thanks to Google and I want them to implement it for all the places.

But I have a question, how did they achieve it? Any idea?


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