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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Google Search Trends, Security Blog and Paid Links Update

It is a very long time since I Blogged my previous posting, my new job is very complicated and I find no time to update my blog, even today I have lots of work but I wanted to update my blog with some stuff that I heard about…

Here is what I wanted to discuss about,

1. Google Search Trends Update

2. Google's Security Blog

3. Paid Links – Who is the sufferer?

Let me start with it...,

1. Google Search Trends Update

Mm.. This is want most of the webmasters were looking for and this will help greatly to track the keyword activity among the public.

Sorry, I didn’t explain about it,

Google Trends is a place where you can get the top 100 keywords that were collected from various datacenters of Google daily. Here you can also compare the activity of two keywords.

This particular service was started fully from May 15 and you can access the top 100 keywords from 15th till today.

Hope this is a great update from the Google and surely many webmasters will get benefit out of it.

A big thanks to Google and the persons who made it live.

2. Google Security Blog

Every one will say WOW! After seeing this update, because this is one of the most critical problem everyone is the IT department face and if this new invention from Google gives a solution then this will be the best solution for all virus and hackers threat.

Google has released a
security blog through which they will mainly concentrate on internet security and safety.

As a first posting they have added something about "online security and safe browsing".

I hope in the coming days there will be many good postings on security and protection for internet access.

3. Paid Links – Who is the sufferer?

Google was now penalizing the paid linking concept, but who is going to suffer?

This one of the recent hot topic from Google and many websites got affected with this update. But still I am not clear on this as who will be the sufferer, the buyer or the seller?

Please comment...


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