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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Three Recent Update from Google

In this post I wanted to discuss about the following update from Google,

1. Google Trends Update

2. Google Bookmarks Sharing

3. Google to buy Double Click

Let me start,

1. Google Trends Update:

As per the previous update from Google Trends, it was updated only once in a month and now they wanted to give more comfortable and relevant details to the public, so they have started to update the Google Trends DAILY. Yes, this is one of the best update from Google this month. This will definitely help most of the webmasters to know about the keywords activity. Check yourself here about the update happening in Google Trends.

2. Google Bookmarks Sharing:

Google started to enter the Social Media Network, as a result, they have introduced a new concept like Digg and Delicious, where we can post and share our bookmarks live and share with others without login. Checkout my sharing page, but for now I haven't added any stuff to it :)

3. Google to Buy Double Click:

Double Click is a website which is similar to Google AdWords. Google is in the process of buying this company and they are waiting for a legal approval from European Union Commission. Hope they will get a positive response from them and acquire this as soon as possible.

Hope there will be a huge update on GMail, wait for the update to be published on my blog.

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