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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Google #Sidewiki - Edit Any Website?

The new toolbar from Google has the Sidewiki option. It enables anyone who has logged-in with a Google account to write comment, which is visible to everyone.

Google Sidewiki
I feel, we can use this place to showcase news, achievements, products and services if any, or it can be used as a user feedback box (If nothing is there, pay someone to praise about you in Google's Sidewiki, just kidding...)

Few features:

- The owner of the page can write a comment which can be kept floating on-top always. Can be edited for any new update too.

- Simultaneously publish it in your blog.

- All the Sidewiki entry will reflect in your Google Profile

- You can even share it in Facebook and Twitter or email it instantly to your friends about your Sidewiki entry.

- You can always rate others Sidewiki entry.

- Any plan to integrate with Google Wave? whenever a link is shared via Google Wave the Sidewiki list will pop-up with the entry list. Cool feature, isn't?

Many more cool features to come... stay tuned!

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At 12:18 AM, Blogger Debdas Mohapatra said...

But website owner will face problem by this because every body can write comment on their topics.
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