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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Google Chrome - Features

It is time to change browsing style (browsing to Chroming). Switch to Google Chrome a complete and user friendly browser (in this post I specifically talk about the developer version of Chrome 4)

I recommend downloading the developer version Chrome here.

Sneak-peak: Fully functional browser with "Greyscale" theme.

Google Chrome - Fully Functional
Why use Chrome?

To be simple, it is the next generation browser and obviously the future OS.

- It loads fast
- A perfect placement of tab which saves lot of space
- Easy to install extensions (no need to reboot to activate an extension)
- Completely socialized
- Easy to search
- And fast internet browsing experience

These are some of the reasons.

To enhance it start using extensions (plug-in as referred in Firefox)
Chrome Extensions - one of the best places to download extensions

In my next blog post, I will list you the recommended extension which I have used in my Chrome.

Till then, Happy Chroming!

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