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Matt Cutts

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Matt Cutts Reply and Google Recommendation for 503 Service Unavailable

I got a reply from Google’s Matt Cutts for one of my questions regarding Google Reader, which I posted in his blog. This is the second reply that I am getting from him. Check the screenshot below. He is also interested to have a filter system to filter feeds with some restrictions in Google Reader.

503 Service Unavailable – Recommended by Google

There is a discussion going on in SE Round Table regarding the long down-time for a website, as per the discussion, please use "503 Server Response" to tell Google Bot that your website not completely down and will be available after some time, even you can specify an approximate time, so that Google Bot can revisit your website after the specified time.

Look for the discussion at SE Round Table here!

Quite interesting feature from Google, isn’t?

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