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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Delayed Update

Since my system was not in place I am posting the update with date :(

November 14, 2006

META Refresh Redirect

Most of them know about redirects. Especially about the search engine friendly redirect.

These are some of the basic redirect methods followed in the websites,

Temporary Redirect (
302 Redirect)
Permanent Redirect (301 Redirect)
META Refresh Redirect (Page Side Redirect)

From the above methods, the 301 redirect is the hardly recommended for the search engines. Also
Google strongly recommends using this redirect (301).

META refresh redirect and 302 Redirect it is not advisable to use it for search engines, instead we can use 301, which is recommended by most of the search engine.

Check the
type of redirect that you use for your website, if is other than 301, then please make sure you change it.
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