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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Google Updates, Alerts, GData, Checkout, Code Search and Many...

Many great updates happened in Google.

I have listed very few of them, try it and make use of Google effectively.

Google Alerts:

Google introduced
two new types of alerts, blog search results alerts and comprehensive alerts. This will help you to get alerts from many sources, which includes news, web and other blog sources.

Try the enhanced
Google Alerts!

GData – XML Feed from Google:

At present we use two standard
XML syndication formats, RSS and Atom. Now the great thing has happened in Google. Google has introduced its new feed called "Google Data", in short called as the "GData".

Here just take a comparison look with the existing feed formats and how effective is to use Google’s GData,

* The "Atom" column refers to both the syndication format and the publication protocol.

(Image Courtesy:

Google Checkout:

The new enhanced version of
Google Checkout is available to you all. This helps you to purchase all of your online products safely through Google without disclosing your personal details and card details.

Google Code Search:

A new tool for the developers to search and find
open source code that is available free in the internet. Google has created this search tool completely free for the developers who are in need of code immediately :)

Check this cool search tool from Google. The
Google Code Search!
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