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Matt Cutts

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Links Baiting Techniques for Blogs

To generate traffic to blogs we can do the following things,

1) News:
We can post important and useful information about latest happenings in the world (or related to the topic of our blog)

2) Resources:
We can have informative links in the blogs without expecting any reciprocal links from them and this will surely get some back-links to the blog, if the information available in the blog is really useful for the visitor.

3) Humor:
We should have some topics with fun that will entertain the user when he gets bored. This is to retain the visitor in the blogs for a longtime.

4) Contrary:
We can post some topics that are contrary to the existing thing, so that visitors are allowed to have a good discussion (and sometimes debate) about that topic in the blog. Even though the contradiction posting points to false news it should be interesting, else it won’t make the use to revisit the blog again (but this technique is not recommended, because some of them always don’t like the false news)

5) Frequent Update of the Blog (i.e. Freshness of Content):
We should update the blogs daily (or at least regularly) because freshness-of-content plays a major role in the search engine rankings (especially in Google).

Date: 04 Feb 2006
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At 10:30 AM, Blogger karthi said...

Hello Matt cutts,

Your Blog is looking very attractive. The article about "Links Baiting Techniques for Blogs" is very useful to people like us.Please keep Updating the latest news related to Google and SEO.


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