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Friday, February 17, 2006

Effective Link Request Template

How to create an effective Link Request Template

1. Proper subject (Link Request, Link Exchange Request, etc)
2. Try to find the webmaster’s name or website owner’s name and add them in the LIT (start as “Dear XXXX”, “Hello XXXX” etc)
3. A small description about their website (please include the home page URL of their website)
4. A brief introduction about yourself (example: My name is xxx and I am working as the webmaster of for the past 3 years and I have good experience in the search engine marketing and got up many websites in the rankings)
5. A brief introduction about the website and the service that we provide through the website (example: My website provides web designs service and we have developed more than 100 websites and we are specialized in search engine marketing)
6. We should explain how this link exchange helps both websites in the search engine rankings (A paragraph that describes your site and why you feel it's link-worthy)
7. Tell the URL where you need your link to be placed on their website
8. Tell them where you will place their link (if you have already placed a link, please proved the URL)
9. A valid signature: it should contain the following,
  • Name

  • Designation

  • Valid E-mail ID

  • Valid Website URL

  • Phone number (not necessary but if you provide this it will look professional)

  • Optional: Logo of your website to make the letter more professional

10. Try to reframe it for each and every webmaster you contact for link exchange :)

Please let me know if anybody needs a sample link request :)

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