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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Google Banning Websites For Duplication: Example

Google Banning Websites and Web-Pages: Example

You have heard about Google banning websites that copy content from other websites, if the content owner registers a complaint in Google under Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Google will remove that result page(s) from the listings.

Recently I got an example and would like to share it with you all, this is really a good example, just go through it and you find it very interesting,

The following website was launched 2 to 3 years back and it provides SEO services to many clients,

Given below is the screen shot of that website,

Recently I saw another website (SEO Heights), just look at the screen shot and you will not believe this, and they have copied the above website (everything, except the logo) :)

The owner of the original website submitted a complaint under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and got the copied website out of the listings.

So beware, don’t copy any website content and articles without proper permission from the webmasters :)

Date: 4 Feb 2006

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