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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New GMail Version 3 - Unofficial

How do I call this version of GMail? Let me name it as "GMail V3". Wondering when Google released their new version of GMail?

Please take a look at the below screen-shot which will answer your question,

Click to Zoom (open in new window)!
GMail New Version 3
Oh, my favorite GMail theme (look at the green guy who is taking rest...) Lets discuss about themes later.

Which version of GMail is this and how to enable these features in your GMail? Here you go...

Step1: Login to GMail and navigate to "Labs" (you can navigate directly to the labs page by clicking the Green button on top-right of the page OR click on settings and navigate to the lab page)

Step2: Enable the following Lab features

  1. Right-side chat

  2. Right-side labels

  3. Add any gadget by URL

  4. Navbar drag and drop (optional)

The first three lab features are essential to get exactly the new version of GMail as shown above.

Do not forget to save the settings!

Step3: Navigate to "Gadgets" tab in the "settings" page and add the following URLs one by one,





As you start adding the URLs one by one, you can see the gadgets appearing in to your left-hand side of your GMail window.

Step4: Its done!

Tip: If you have enabled the "Navbar drag and drop" lab feature, you can rearrange the Gadgets as per your wish.

So now you will get a Analog Clock, Google Calender, Google News and Sticky Notes within GMail.

I am planning to add more to it, will update it as soon as I find any suitable gadget which exactly fits.

I always like to use iGoogle (especially the new developer's version), but after the launch GMail themes, I like to stay within GMail which helped me to integrate a part of iGoogle into GMail.

PS: This works for them who is using the new GMail online and not via any email client.

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At 7:58 AM, Blogger Lenard said...


I was looking for a gmail implentation of "Outlook" Type sticky notes. I found this and Implemented the sticky note "Gadget".


1.Can I save the note(s) to review later.

2.Can I detach them from the gmail content and have them placed on my desktop for continuous viewing, even when I don't have gmail open? (similar to Outlook implementation)


Len Howell


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