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Friday, May 09, 2008

TiE - Digital Marketing Masterclass - Update

It is really an interesting seminar on the Digital Marketing. I have listed the topics that we dealt during the session.

Kindly bear with my typos ;)

It started with a warm introduction by Mahesh Murthy, Founder, Pinstorm. He briefed about the Digital Marketing and its basics. Then the speakers started their session.

Please refer my previous post for the agenda; the seminar went as per the schedule with a slight modification at the end. After each and every session we discussed openly with the speaker about the topic and sometimes out of scope ;)

Session 1: State of the Indian digital consumer: usage and attitudes

Presented by: Sanjay Tiwari
Company: Juxtconsult
Session about: State of the Indian digital consumer: usage and attitudes
Topics dealt:

It is a quite interesting starting with lot of stats collected from the online market, mainly from the Indian online markets and it helps us a lot to figure out how the digital market actually looks from the consumers point. Here are some of the important points that we discussed about,

- The total internet usage is about 33 Million to 45 Million users
- Discussed about the Contextual targeting of audience
- CRM, The underused medium for digital marketing?

Session 2: Integrated Digital Marketing- what to use, where and when

Presented by: Ansoo Gupta
Company: Pinstorm
Session about: Integrated Digital Marketing- what to use, where and when
Topics dealt:

Again a perfect topic on the table with lots of information about digital marketing, when and where we should use it and who will get the maximum benefit out of it? Some of important points covered,

- For a PPC campaign, use more number of keywords, 10,000 keywords
- Continually optimize the website
- Find a way to bring the website in the top 3 pages, else there is no use in getting listed in 4th or 5th pages
- For long-time marketing use blog and communities
- Don’t merely promote your product in SMO space, try to give something useful and relevant to your area

Session 3: Case study: Building an Indian business using digital marketing

Presented by: Gayatri Buddha
Company: Make My Trip
Session about: Case study: Building an Indian business using digital marketing
Topics dealt:

She explained her case study with many perfect examples including their own product Make My Trip. How digital marketing helped them and where they find it very useful and in which areas they suffered a lot. It helps everyone to understand the seriousness of the idea behind digital marketing. Some interesting stuff, that I wanted to share about this session,

- Create as which actually competes with your competitors
- Track your competitor and work accordingly
- Create ads which actually target the actual audience instead wasting time in creating globalized ads

Session 4: Case study: Building a global business using digital marketing

Presented by: Pradeep Chopra
Company: OMlogic Consulting
Session about: Case study: Building a global business using digital marketing
Topics dealt:

His own case study itself is quite interesting and thrilling. He and his 2 friends who started a business in the product development industry were heavily slashed by the marked, both offline and online markets. Then they tried and worked out different plan to achieve a benchmark in the online marketing. They have used Digital Marketing as their tool to promote their products and succeeded in their life and business. Interesting stuffs,

- Don’t target generic keywords, instead target product specific long keywords
- Don’t just collect keywords using the tool available, run an adwords campaign and extract the keywords through which you got good returns
- Update the website frequently, don’t just add content instead add pages
- Try to answer all the possible questions to your visitors before he/she actually tries your product

Lunch break:

We had a short lunch break with networking session.

Session 5: Business from search engines- an introduction to SEM and SEO

Presented by: Geetu Ahuja
Session about: Business from search engines- an introduction to SEM and SEO
Topics dealt:

This is a general introduction about the traditional SEO and SEM which helped most of the sales and offline marketing guys to know about the concepts of Digital Marketing.

- About SEO
- About SEM
- How do we start implementing and what are the outputs

Session 6: The power of viral marketing

Presented by: Rahul Nandha
Company: Webchutney
Session about: The power of viral marketing
Topics dealt:

He explained about the effectiveness of viral marketing with the current marketing trend and how do we calculate the goals i.e. the conversions. He explained the concept, how it works and how it affects the business. He explained it with a few examples of viral ads done by Webchutney for Airtel, Orbit chewing gum and Microsoft Office and how it increased their business. Really interesting points,

- Only spend for the viral and no need to spend for the promotion of viral, user is the free media to promote it
- After you launch the viral, track the conversion based upon the direct visitors
- Viral marketing helps all kinds of business to promote or to establish their brand globally with very less investment

Session 7: Brand Marketing in 7 Steps

Presented by: Raja Chowdri
Company C3Cube
Session about: Brand Marketing in 7 Steps
Topics dealt:

Only topic which we dealt in this session is “brand marketing”, here are the 7 simple steps to do brand marketing,

1. Have a Great Idea
2. Have a Vision
3. Position Your Brand (basically building the difference market)
4. Design Your Brand Identity (do not copy)
5. Protect Your Brand (TM / Registered)
6. Establish Your Brand
7. Key Your Brand on Top (Digital Marketing)

Session 8: Building success through online communities

Presented by: Chaya Brian Carvalho
Company: BC Web Wise
Session about: Building success through online communities
Topics dealt:

She mainly described about various kinds of communities and how do we penetrate into each type of community and market our product. She also explained how a clear and effective community helps to increase the business. Few notes,

- Create communities only related to your business
- Join in relevant topics; do not peep into off topic communities even if it is getting more visibility than your relevant community
- SMO and Communities are the main parts of Digital Marketing

Session 9: Where next – the future of digital marketing

Presented by: Nikhil Rungta,
Session about: Where next – the future of digital marketing
Topics dealt:

It is a short session but beautifully explained the current and the future of digital marketing based on the existing market. He ended it with saying that the future of digital marketing is nothing but the Web 2.0

- Web 2.0 the future of digital marketing
- Web 1.0 vs Web 2.0 (best example; TV ads and Internet Ads, i.e. one-way and two-way communication)

Finally it ended with a vote of thanks from Mahesh Murthy, Founder, Pinstorm and Geetika Dayal

Before I end this post I would like to thank, Zubin Tavaria and Aztecsoft for providing me this opportunity.

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Good Learnings I guess. Can you post few PPTs in some form. It will be wonderful. Didnt know so much is happening here.


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I will post some presentations very soon.


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