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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Google Alerts - Spam Issue

Have you tried Google Alerts? It is a free email alerts service provided by Google.

If you want to know about the latest happenings over the internet about any particular topic, add that topic to Google Alerts and set the level of email frequency and the type of information you need (i.e. blogs or only from news websites). You will receive regular email from Google regarding the same. As soon as the Google bot encounters a news or blog with the specified topic, you will receive the email from Google with a link to the website.

Please give a try for Google Alerts Service! All you need is a Google Account! Really simple to use all Google service, isn’t? :)

Lets talk about the actual Spam Issue,

I face a problem which troubles me a lot. And I have few questions to be answered,

- All the email alerts are sent via Google’s mail server and it should reach the Inbox of the email account (Gmail) instead it reaches the Spam box. Why?

- Even after marking the emails as "not spam", still some of them are delivered into the spam box. Why?

- Does anyone face the same problem? If so please add your valuable comment.

Matt, what is your comment on my questions. As you are the spam control expert, I really expect to answer my questions and please help us to sort this problem.


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