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Monday, March 27, 2006

Google Toolbar: Doubt: Voting Buttons

I found “Voting buttons” in the Google toolbar.
What is this?
Will this “voting buttons” affects the rankings of that page?

To enable voting buttons in the toolbar, do the following:

  1. Go to Google toolbar “options”

  2. Click the 3rd tab “more”

  3. In the “more” tab check “Voting Buttons” under “Even more buttons”

Any know how this works?

The version of the toolbar that I am using is: (GGLG)

But, when I did a search in Google for my doubt, I got the following sentences from Google,

“Voting Buttons - You can vote for or against a page or search result by using these buttons. Click the happy or unhappy faces to tell Google that you like or dislike a particular page. These buttons also can be used to report especially good or bad results after searching with Google. Indicate satisfaction or dissatisfaction with your results by clicking the appropriate button while still on the search results page. This feature is in test mode for now, so you won't see any immediate effects by voting for or against a page.”

Is that working now in the search results? :(

Click here to get more information on Google toolbar “options”
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